Thursday, August 11, 2016

Welcome to Language Arts with Mrs. Jackson

I am really excited to start the new school year. Most of my posts will be broken up into three sections (7th grade honors Language Arts, 9th grade Language Arts, and 9th grade honors Language Arts), but as this is the beginning of the year, all of the information in this post will be relevant to all of the classes that I teach. Please reference the "Due Dates and Special Events" section on the right side for a quick look of what your student should be working on to turn in. 

The First Week of School
During the first week of school we will establish behavior expectations and procedures for the classroom. Every student will be asked to get a form filled out by their parent/guardian. I have done my best to keep the disclosure statement as brief as possible while still including all of the necessary information.  After you fill out the parent/guardian signature page, there is a scavenger hunt for the students to fill out about the disclosure statement. 

Supplies and Materials
Most supplies and materials that we use in class are provided by the school, but there are a couple of items that students will need to bring from home for my Language Arts classes. 

  • Spiral/composition notebook: This notebook will stay in the classroom and cannot be shared with other classes. We will be using them every day.
  • 5 Dividers/tabs: These are for the Language Arts section in your binder, and they are important because they help the students stay organized. 

There is more detailed information about the class in the syllabus that will be sent home with the students the first day of school. I also encourage you to attend the back to school night event on Thursday, August 24th.